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A few years back, a good friend of ours was leaving to serve with Mercy Ships as the Kindergarten teacher on board the Africa Mercy.  Before this, we had never heard of Mercy Ships.  But, when she invited us to financially support her, we began to learn.  Little did we know 3 years ago that giving a financial gift to Beth Kirchner would radically change our lives!  When we wrote that check to Mercy Ships, never for a moment did we think that one day we too would be raising support to go serve.

Honestly, raising support like this is something we've never done before.  And to be even more honest, the thought of it initially caused us to think that perhaps Mercy Ships wasn't something for us.  As we prayed about this opportunity to go and serve, excitement would build, only to be brought down when we thought about raising support.  Then God reminded me of Beth.  Had she never given us the opportunity to support her, we'd never be in the position we are today.  If Beth didn't give us the chance to get on board with her in this mission, we wouldn't be getting on board this year!

As we've prayed about raising support for our family of 5, it has been impressed upon us that asking for financial support is about more than money.  It is an invitation to be a part of this ministry and perhaps have your life changed as ours was!  Through financial support, lives will be changed.  People in Africa will receive life changing surgeries at no cost, the surgeons, nurses and crew will be cared for and encouraged, and the children on board will be educated.  But the biggest life that might be changed could be yours!

We are extending this invitation to you.  Get on board with us!  Prayerfully consider a one time gift or monthly pledge and who knows... we just might see you in Africa some day!


At Mercy Ships they say the crew pays for the privilege of serving on board!  Every crew member on board, from the Captain to the surgeons, hostesses and chaplains to teachers, everyone pays to be there and serve.


We are on hold with our financial support as we wait to see what is next for us.  Due to the pandemic, we left the ship and returned to California.  We are hoping to return to the ship in January at which time we will be revisiting our financial needs.

If you'd like to help support us, click the button below!

*everything written on this blog is our own thoughts and not those of Mercy Ships

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