Hi! We're The Newquists

Roger, Raeanne, Emma (14), Georgia (14), and Mack (11) make up Team Newquist! 


     After a 19 year career with the California Highway Patrol, Roger put in for his retirement and accepted a position as Chaplain on board the Africa Mercy.  The Newquists left their home in Southern California, their friends and family, and beloved church family, Malibu Presbyterian Church, for a two year commitment with Mercy Ships.

     We just completed our first year with Mercy Ships in Senegal and it was quite a ride!  Senegal is an incredible place to live and the Senegalese people are very generous and kind.  Because of COVID-19, our mission was cut short and we sailed to Tenerife where we stayed in isolation for over 65 days.  We recently arrived back in California where we will rest, pray, and wait to see what God has next for us.

      Our desire is to return to the ship and finish our commitment of 2 years.  When and if we will be able to do that remains to be seen.  For now we wait and trust God for a new calling in this season, however long it lasts!

Roger - Served as Chaplain with an incredible team. He most loved his time upcountry with the screening team and opportunities to get out and explore.

Raeanne - Loved being on the Communication Team and serving with Chaplaincy.  Enjoyed exploring off ship, trying to speak French, hanging out with patients and creating fun for the crew. 

Emma - Fell in love with Youth Group on the ship! Enjoyed singing in Key of Sea, playing with patients in the hospital, going on the youth retreat and having schwarma on Sundays.

Georgia - Loved being with patients at any given time!  Played many games, sang with the Key of Sea, enjoyed exploring the fabric markets, Bandia, Saly, and getting to meet people from all over the world.

Mack - Made many new friends on ship!  Enjoyed surfing locally, trying different restaurants, hanging with patients at the Hope Center, and being at sea during the sails.

*everything written on this blog is our own thoughts and not those of Mercy Ships

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