1.  Q:  We didn't know you guys were doctors!!!

     A:  We aren't!  Roger will be a Chaplain on the Chaplain team, serving to "minister to the ministers" if you will.  The                   Chaplains serve as pastors to the 450 person crew on board.  It is much like pastoring a very unique church of                         people from all over the world.  Currently there are about 42 different nations represented on the ship.

2.  Q:  What will the kids do?

     A:  There is a fully accredited Academy on board the ship.  The children will attend school everyday on the ship and get             to go on some pretty amazing field trips!  There are about 60 children in the Academy.

3.  Q:  What are you going to do Raeanne?

     A:  Good question!!  If a family is coming on board, one parent must be the designated "Primary Care Giver" of the                   children.  That will be me!  However, while the children are in school, I will be put to work in another capacity that is             yet to be determined.  I have been assured that everyone's days are filled!

4.  Q:  Can we come visit?

     A:  Yes!  There are guest cabins on board and visitors are welcome with advanced notice ans reservations.  We'd love to             see you, give you a tour, and get some home town love!

5.  Q:  Is there a Starbucks on board?

     A:  Funny you should ask!  There is!  

6.  Q:  Are you living on the ship?

     A:  Yes we are.  We are living in a 6 berth family cabin.  Most of our daily life will be on board the ship, from work, meals,             school, church... it all exists on board.  

7.  Q:  Can you get off the ship?

     A:  Yes we can!  We can go to dinner in town, go on weekend get-aways, explore the country where we're docked on                days off...  We hope to get the most out of this experience both on and off the ship!  Mercy Ships also has various                other ministries off the ship in the local country that we are hoping to take part in when we can.

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