• Raeanne Newquist

Ready To Sail

Well, we graduated and we're officially "ready to sail"!

Tomorrow we bid Bon Voyage to Texas and head to Paris for a bit of vacation before getting on the ship July 27th.

We had to do a final project illustrating our biggest take away from training. I'm not going to lie, the past 4 weeks have had some ups and downs. Many moments of "wait a minute, what exactly did we do?" But as I wrote about before, we've burned the ships - there is no turning back!

Here is the video that was my final project. A video depicting The Newquist Family "burning the ships" and setting sail for Senegal!

I'm hoping to make more videos throughout our journey and will post them on our YouTube channel!

*everything written on this blog is our own thoughts and not those of Mercy Ships

Come sail with us!

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